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Network Model :: Presentation Layer


The presentation layer in a network model is concerned with the syntax and semantics of the information exchanged between two systems. Figure 2.13 shows the relationship between the presentation layer and the application and session layers of a network model.

Presentation layer in a network model
Figure 2.13

Presentation layer in a network model

Specific responsibilities of the presentation layer in a network model include the following:


The processes (running programs) in two systems are usually exchang ing information in the form of character strings, numbers, and so on. The informa tion must be changed to bit streams before being transmitted. Because differen computers use different encoding systems, the presentation layer in a network model is responsible for interoperability between these different encoding methods. The presentation laye at the sender changes the information from its sender-dependent format into ; common format. The presentation layer in a network model at the receiving machine changes the common format into its receiver-dependent format.


To carry sensitive information, a system must be able to ensure privacy. Encryption means that the sender transforms the original information to another form and sends the resulting message out over the network. Decryption reverses the original process to transform the message back to its original form.


Data compression reduces the number of bits contained in the information. Data compression becomes particularly important in the transmission of multimedia such as text, audio, and video.



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